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Latvian Osteopathy Center was created by the Baltic Osteopathic Association which was founded on June 23rd 1998. On September 16th 2005 the Association was reregistered as the Baltic Osteopathic Society.

In order to have a doctor appointment in our center you don't have to have a referral from your family doctor. An oral or written recommendation is quite sufficient.

Getting an appointment can also be your personal decision. However, if any of our doctors considers that osteopathic treatment might not be beneficial for you at the moment, or that you need to run more tests and consult other doctors, you will get a detailed recommendation.

All our specialists have their own phone numbers that you can use to get an appointment.

All the doctors of our center have a qualification of "Doctor of osteopathy" confirmed by an international standard diploma. They continually improve their skills by participating in international courses and seminars. Our center cooperates with osteopaths from all over the world.


Center Services

  • Osteopathic treatment

    Quick facts about Osteopathy Osteopathy is a science of health management based on the knowledge of the fundamental sciences: anatomy, physiology, histology, biomechanics. It represents one of the schools of scientific medicine.
    Osteopathy is based on a holistic approach to the body and health of a person.
    Health, according to osteopathic principles, means harmony in the functional unity of the three systems: muscular-sceletal, neuro-psychic and visceral.
    Osteopathic treatment can be successfully combined with other methods of medical treatment.
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    Our center proposes physiotherapy as a complex set of physical methods and exercises aimed at restoring the physical performance capacity. Individual approach is used based on the state of the patient.
    In most cases physical therapy is a must in order for the osteopathic treatment to be successful.
  • Homeopathic treatment

    Osteopaths and homeopaths work using similar principles and thinking – they also look for the health, not the diseases and their symptoms. In osteopathy, hands are the main instrument of treatment, while a homeopath uses specially compounded remedies.