Osteopathic treatment

Quick facts about Osteopathy

Osteopathy is a science of health management based on the knowledge of the fundamental sciences: anatomy, physiology, histology, biomechanics. It represents one of the schools of scientific medicine.

Osteopathy is based on a holistic approach to the body and health of a person.

Health, according to osteopathic principles, means harmony in the functional unity of the three systems: muscular-sceletal, neuro-psychic and visceral.

Osteopathic treatment can be successfully combined with other methods of medical treatment.

For further information please read the About osteopathy section.

Starting osteopathic treatment

All our specialists have their own phone numbers that you can use to get an appointment.

All the doctors of our center have a qualification of "Doctor of osteopathy"confirmed by an international standard diploma. They continually improve their skills by participating in international courses and seminars. Our center cooperates with osteopaths from all over the world.

One osteopathic treatment procedure can last for 30 to 60 minutes.

We kindly ask you to please be on time. If you're late, you make your own visit shorter and make it inconvenient both for the doctor and patients after you.

If for any reason you are unable to attend the scheduled appointment, please call the doctor as soon as possible. Patients from the "waiting list" will greatly appreciate this gesture.

Take all the documents from previous medical examinations (if you have any) – X-ray pictures, medical assessment reports, lab test results and other functional testing results, etc.

Please be informed that during the treatment your doctor may ask you to undress leaving only underwear on.

During your appointment with an osteopath

As with any other doctor, your visit to an osteopath begins with getting your anamnesis (medical history) together. The osteopath may ask you about your complaints, previous diseases, trauma, surgeries, tests and treatment.

During the examination the osteopath may ask you to remove our clothes, and do some functional testing that may look like simple movements.

Usually during osteopathic treatment the patient lies down on the table on his/her back or stomach, but sometimes it can be done in a sitting or a standing position.

The number and frequency of you visits can be determined individually and depend on mane factors: the severity of the disease and its character, your age, profession and lifestyle. In general, at first osteopathic treatments are done weekly during 3-6 weeks. Later, treatments may be done with 4-8-12 weeks intervals. Osteopaths often prescribe to combine their treatments with physical therapy (therapeutic exercises).

Of course you will also get the necessary recommendations and detailed explanations on how to remain healthy and improve your health.

If you have any questions, please use this link to post them: FAQ