Advantages of osteopathy

  • Holistic approach to the patient
  • Safe treatment
  • Safe techniques
  • No surgical intervention
  • Substituting medication or reducing its quantities
  • A long-lasting effect after treatment

The Main Principle of Osteopathy

For an osteopathic physician, a human body is one whole – the unity of all systems, a delicate interrelationship of the most imperceptible things of seemingly low importance. That's why the doctor doesn't just treat his/her patient within the limits of their specific field, but finds and removes the cause of the disease. Osteopathy uses a complex profound approach aimed at the recovery of the body as a whole, giving it back its capacity for auto-regulation.

How osteopaths treat and what they use?

Light, soft and careful touch of the doctor's hands that know and feel the problem zones of the body – this is the main ingredient of an osteopathic treatment. Besides, the patient feels a relief during the treatment.

  • Osteopathy can be an alternative to surgery regarding spine diseases.
  • Osteopathy is safe because the doctor will use techniques that allow no forceful impact on the body when staying within the limits of the physiological barriers of the tissues.
  • Osteopathy can be an alternative to hormonal therapy regarding endocrine dysfunctions, to antibiotic therapy regarding the respiratory organs and long-term gynecological inflammations.
  • Thanks to fast methods of pain relief for both acute and chronic pain, osteopathy can offer a chance to live either completely without medication or to substantially decrease its volume.


Combining osteopathy with other naturopathic remedies

Osteopathy can be successfully combined other methods of naturopathic medicine: homeopathy, physiotherapy, needle therapy, etc.

Physical exercise is an important follow-up of osteopathic treatment.

Since osteopathy treats the reason of the disease, and not its symptom, the likelihood of relapse is minimal. However, in order to remain in good health it's necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle, follow the doctor's recommendations and come for a correction treatment every once in a while.